yesung: I don’t understand people who do things on the weekend. You just did things all week. What’s next, more things?? That’s how they get you.

duckflyfly: best leader…


best leader…


leeteuk: is anyone going to tell me what’s going on here??!

donghae: it’s kind of complicated, but Heechu——

leeteuk: got it forget I asked


siwon: ryeowook gave me a get better soon card

hyukjae: aww, that’s sweet!

siwon: I wasn’t sick, he just thought I could do better

ebjkk: 160919 AnalogTrip || Trailer 🤩🤩🤩…


160919 AnalogTrip || Trailer



kyuhyun: it’s times like this when I wish I had listened to what Leeteuk-hyung told me.

yesung: why, what did he tell you?

kyuhyun: I don’t know, I didn’t listen.



full episode : WATCH HERE

[HQ][ENG SUB] 190911 Variety Show ‘Some-Vival 1+1’ Ep. 11 with Heechul and Kibum

full episode : WATCH HERE

[INFO] 190915 Kyuhyun once again claims his Ki…

[INFO] 190915 Kyuhyun once again claims his King Title on King of Masked Singer for the 5th time! He performed ‘Uphill’ in the King’s Round and beat his opponent 52-47. Congrats Kyuhyun  (OH_mes2)

190915 Yesung Instagram Story Update – Rehears…

190915 Yesung Instagram Story Update – Rehearsals