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Eunhyuk: Play Album- Black Suit Version

Hyukjae thanks to:

Before realizing it, I’m already a singer who has debuted for 13 years. I’ve made a lot of mistake and I’ve also been hurt a lot. So because of that, I’ve now become thankful for every little thing while preparing for the album.
To the people who worked hard together with me all the way until this album which is really precious to me, came out, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to them.
As much as I know, I know very well that there are also a lot of people who spent a lot of time and worked hard at places where I cant see them. In order for those people to feel and reap the benefit of their hard work through this album, I will try my best and work hard in my activities and work hard to become a singer that shines even more.
An for our forever friends ELF who has been waiting and supporting this album more than anyone else. Thank you and I’m sorry, always. I will show you many better sides of me.
I will work hard so that this will become the hottest memory of our lives for all of you. The reason why we can continue releasing album is because of you all. Thank you.
Lastly… our members who has all gone into their 30s now! Let’s have fun doing activities while growing old handsomely! I love you all!♥
ps. Honeybunny don’t fall sick and stay healthy please. Dad, Mom, Noona I love you♥ ©©