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Super Junior D&E for Smart Magazine

Q: Pls let us the good points about each other 

Hyuk: 1st time I saw him, he gave me the feeling “I need to take good care of him”. But in fact he is good at taking care of others. 
Hae: (Suddenly use Japanese) Eunhyuk’ s good points? He doesn’t have any! 
Hyuk: Nothing good? Wait! I have a lot good points ok! I thought you would say like I am very handsome and so I am very popular!
Hae: This is totally wrong (laugh) If I have to say, is probably his generous character, especially generous towards me. 
Hae: Long time ago he used to give his big coat to someone who didn’t know how cold the weather was, and he himself went home frozen.
Hyuk: Recently, I  am busy moving apartment and Donghae celebrated it b giving me a refrigeratir for present. And this morning he gave me half of his apple.
Hae: An apple a day is one of my very important  habits. I shared with him even if it is so important to me, so you know how much I care about him (laugh)


Honestly I didn’t really want to have my ears pierced, but only made up my mind to do it since I wanted to give a new look to fans. I really care the reaction from fans! And if you all want  I can help Donghae to get his ears pierced (laugh) ©