180916 D&E Japan tour style / Kobe  Day-2:

During hello:
EH: today the towel that we used is when we took a shower in the morning tdy~its very fragrant~ the smell of peaches, because i used peach-flavored scent body lotion/shower gel. 🍑😂
[cr.just_for_2H / Eng:siwonips ]

DH: after singing “i am looking for someone is u” he turned to EH who singing “the person you are looking for is me” and he was so shy as like as the last time. They facing each other.
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EH: eveyone didn’t eat yet, so i brought something for you (his fingers searched something in his pocket)
Then the fingers coming out with heart sign : eat this~~❤ 😂
[cr.JO期丸 /Eng:siwonips ] 

EH: Today a lot of male audience, how did everyone come here?
One of the boy said coming by tram 😂
Then the camera swept into a boy who said that he come w/ his mother. Then DH began to call his mother! “Where is my mother”!
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EH: Our (D&E & fans) teamwork is really great.
DH: Because we’re a team. A team, family & boyfriends.
EH: Boyfriends?
DH: mmm you have a face of a man ( looking at EH’s face?
EH: Don’t mess with me what are you looking at (recently learned japanese)
DH: Hey you,  you’re sweating a lot. (wipes hyuk’s sweat)
[Cr. elf_hasu / Eng:2eastsea]

Hae said D&…., the fans started to protest saying it should be E, at first they didn’t know what happened, after they knew, has pretended to be angry, and said sorry 3 times. Hyuk said “it’s ok” but hae was still angry,Hyuk said sorry to Hae.
[Eng: trulyhae]

After Chokiwa, they were so tired and begged the fans not to ask them to do it anymore, they said all different begging words in japanese, and Hae said “the vitamin injection I had today only works up to here.”
[cr. Rachel-L- /Eng:trulyhae ]