There’s people coming from a fandom have…

There’s people coming from a fandom have been reporting One More Time MV for all the wrong reasons and it makes me mad that those people can’t appreciate SuJu when they’ve done so much for the K-Pop industry

TW//// abuse mention

Ughh, I know, I heard about that, anon, I completely agree with you :/ (For those who aren’t aware of what’s going on, some Super Junior-antis have been falsely reporting their recent “One More Time” music video for “abuse of m*nors” to prevent it from gaining views and also in an attempt to have it taken down). It’s honestly a new low for anti-fans, and seriously disgusting what they’re doing. Super Junior just want to make music for their fans, but apparently they can’t even do that peacefully anymore without antis making a big mess out of it. Why can’t we all just get along lmao why is it so hard for antis to just focus on their own idols and leave SuJu alone? These days it feels like SuJu can barely even breathe without antis attacking them. It’s honestly exhausting having to repeatedly defend Super Junior time and time again when they have done nothing wrong, for things that they didn’t do because of false information that antis spread around so that they can make themselves seem “woke”. This situation in particular shows that. All Super Junior do is have a harmless comeback, and some sad sad people decide to try and ruin it. It’s selfish, and sickening, and especially horrible because these antis end up disparaging victims who have actually gone through abuse. It’s awful. I just don’t understand. But I really hope it stops soon.

TW/// abuse mention