181109 D&E Budokan – Tonight at Budokan …

181109 D&E Budokan

Tonight at Budokan concert, Hyukjae silently looked at the fans with “even if there is only one person, I want to remember your face!” that kind of feeling. Our love is never one-way! © 

DH: We prepared songs each month just for you (E.L.F), and since the concert started I didn’t want it to be finished. It would be better if we prepared more shows and be with u guys more. © 

EH: The most important and thing I worried for this concert wasn’t the stages and songs, etc, but how to present it to you (he couldn’t continue and crying now). ©

Eunhyuk was crying and fans kept screaming ‘hyukjae don’t cry ganbatte’. At the end, they said thank you for all of ELF’s support, staffs, dancers, all who were participated in this concert. ©

Credit: 日本菲菲