Author: Super Junior? More like super lame.

kyuhyu-k: shit Super Junior says


shit Super Junior says

superjuniortrash: Thank you Kangin for being o…


Thank you Kangin for being our “appa bear”, our soft giant, our hoarse sub vocal and for being apart of the family that is Super Junior. We will miss you. We will always love you. Thank you.



Apparently, Kangin has just announced via Instagram that he is leaving Super Junior.

[translation credit: @/kanginnim, a fan account]



remember when super junior almost broke up because leeteuk was asleep and donghae kept splashing water at him and leeteuk thought it was spit so he told donghae to stop but then kyuhyun came in from church and splashed water on him and leeteuk thought it was eunhyuk so he started yelling at eunhyuk and kyuhyun was like Oh Shit and then he confessed so leeteuk hit him then left then came back and punched him again and kyuhyun was mad and leeteuk promised to give kyuhyun the thank u speech but he forgot eunhyuk was mad too so he told eunhyuk 2 give the speech so he did and kyuhyun was like TF bc he had a whole deep speech planned and afterwards shindong was trying to comfort all of them and he got frustrated so he kicked a box but there was soda inside and it exploded everywhere and hit yesungs face and yesung got mad too and by the end everyone was bitter and basically donghae almost fucked super junior over forever

mysilentmemory: SuperJunioR From 2JIB To 7JIB


SuperJunioR From 2JIB To 7JIB


hyukjae: if you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, would you still be sober?

sungmin: yes

yesung: maybe a bit tipsy

kyuhyun: wasted

heechul: dead


siwon: so I have this beautiful rock, Ryeowook gave it to me

shindong: he threw it at you

siwon: he’s so sweet


sungmin: I drink to forget my sorrows

heechul: you’re drinking Capri Sun


kyuhyun, flexing: you see these arms?

kyuhyun: wii sports resort


leeteuk: it’s hard being the leader, but I love my members—

sungmin, coming into the room: do you want the good news or the bad news first?

leeteuk: … good news

sungmin: hyukjae wanted to make us dinner! Isn’t that sweet?


sungmin: … the kitchen may or may not be on fire.

leeteuk: [inhales]