Author: Super Junior? More like super lame.


bet leeteuk will keep talking about this for the next 20 years

Hyukjae: I can’t find my glasses.
Kyuhyun, staring at the glasses on the back of Hyukjae’s head: $20 and I’ll help you find them.

Heechul: does my hair look good?
Cop, taking his mugshot: stop talking

Donghae, being kidnapped: wait! Will I need my toothbrush?
Kidnapper: be quiet
Donghae: I’m assuming that means you’ll provide the toothbrush


Eunhyuk / Super Clapย 

yesung: shut up
hyukjae: ?? I didn’t even say anything
yesung: you were thinking. it’s annoying


Congratulations to these precious boys!
๐Ÿ‘‘ #SuperClap2ndWin


Super Junior theย Average age โ€ฆ. 30s


doing crazy things in public and not

caring because you're with your best friends RelatableSJ


030220 Kyu TV live || Happy birthday baby ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’