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[Part 123] ENGSUB Little Stories || EunHae HaeHyuk || Treasure these memories 

✢ When you’re the one who knows me the best 
✢ Want to learn more about Donghae? -Ask Eunhyuk 
✢ The one who is most afraid of loneliness? 
✢ Everything of D reminds of E 
✢ Share the same sense of humor 
✢ Don’t hurt him 

🔆 Special thanks to:  Silverain 10:13-10:19 I Wanna Dance Fanmeeting (2013) 

📀 Best cut from Analog Trip, SJ Return 3

[P122] I like me better when I’m with you || EunHae HaeHyuk

I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time ‘cause 
I like me better when I’m with you 

Credit: Limerence SJ,  _Vellichor715 & TwoTigers_DE 

Credit: TwoTigers_DE, haehae0404, 2hearts_0415, & _Vellichor715

Credit: LunarMare0415

Credit: LunarMare0415

credit: fanxhae 

credit: creamofocean 

[P121] ENG EunHae HaeHyuk || Happy Virus || 2YA2YAO Promotion

There will always be obstacles, but you always have the power to face them. 
It’s so good to bring smiles to others through my videos.

 Wish you good health and happiness in life forever 

🔆 Special thanks to: RatihCho, Sj_taenni,Teukables, E_a441208,Kismet, Kagrrashin, EunHaebemine

📀 Best cut from Weekly Idol 445, Idol Radio, Analog Trip After Party, SJ Stage, I can see your voice
SS8 Indonesia
& Japan

🎹 Love songs: 情人节 Kenji Wu