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[ENG SUB] Eunhyuk’s schedules that fans will like (The purple ones are Donghae’s schedules)

200218 Eunhyuk Instagram Update with Kyuhyun

200224 Eunhyuk Instagram Update

[Part 123] ENGSUB Little Stories || EunHae HaeHyuk || Treasure these memories 

✢ When you’re the one who knows me the best 
✢ Want to learn more about Donghae? -Ask Eunhyuk 
✢ The one who is most afraid of loneliness? 
✢ Everything of D reminds of E 
✢ Share the same sense of humor 
✢ Don’t hurt him 

🔆 Special thanks to:  Silverain 10:13-10:19 I Wanna Dance Fanmeeting (2013) 

📀 Best cut from Analog Trip, SJ Return 3

[P122] I like me better when I’m with you || EunHae HaeHyuk

I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time ‘cause 
I like me better when I’m with you 


200210 hee_jinn Instagram Update – Eunhyuk

Credit: Limerence SJ,  _Vellichor715 & TwoTigers_DE 

Credit: TwoTigers_DE, haehae0404, 2hearts_0415, & _Vellichor715

Credit: LunarMare0415