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Leeteuk: Ooh, Wolverine! How scary!
Henry: I’m Edward Scissorhands.
Leeteuk: I don’t feel comfortable with you going trick-or-treating with scissors. Why don’t you go as Edward Spoonhands?
Henry: Hyung, it’s Halloween, not Hallowuss.


henry: how can tall people like you sleep when the blanket doesn’t cover you from shoulders to feet???

zhoumi: please shut up it’s literally 3 am

henry: so you can’t sleep?? Is it because of the blanket?


Kyuhyun: If I was a drink I would be a cherry vanilla Coke. If you were a drink what would you be?

Heechul: Bleach.

Henry: Sewage.

Kyuhyun: Please calm down edgelords.


kyuhyun: Drugs? No thanks. The only high I need is the natural rush after committing a murder.

leeteuk: Kyuhyun, are you okay?

kyuhyun: I’m fine, but Henry probably isn’t.

[NEWS] Breaking: Henry Leaves SM Entertainment


Henry will be parting ways with SM Entertainment after a decade.

On April 30, SM Entertainment revealed, “Henry’s exclusive contract recently expired, and we have ended on good terms.”

Henry plans on establishing a one-man agency and continuing his activities.

Henry debuted in April 2008 through the unit Super Junior-M and began activities as a solo singer in 2013. He has since been active also through variety shows.

Source (1) & Soompi


kyuhyun: Here you go, a nice hot cup of coffee!

henry *takes a sip and gags*: This isn’t nice!

kyuhyun: It’s a hot cup of coffee.

henry: And it’s cold!

kyuhyun: Cup of coffee.

henry: I’m not even sure this is coffee…

kyuhyun: Cup.


henry: i hope i can be as cool as you guys in thirty years
tvxq: does he think we’re sixty?
zhoumi: no, he’s just really bad at math.

leedonghae: Dubai SM TOWN

leedonghae: Dubai SM TOWN


henry: so lately I’ve been thinking —
kyuhyun: I thought I smelled something burning…

Super Junior: a personality guide

A quick personality (and little fact) guide of SJ members requested by Anon


Fandom: E.L.F (EverLasting Friends) 
Fandom Colour: Pearl Sapphire Blue 

Origin: Debuted as a “project” group with 12 members by SM Entertainment in 2005. Super Junior is the typical story of an underdog who was criticized about their potential before and after debut but proved everyone wrong by rising to the top and earning the title of “Global Hallyu Kings”. In 2009, the 13 members became known as “Conquerors of Asia” and “Hallyu Kings” with their k-pop anthem Sorry Sorry, which spread k-pop across the globe. They were the first boy band to have such a large number of members, resulting in them gaining a lot of negative attention from the public. Regardless of the negativity surrounding them, Super Junior remained hopeful and performed every stage as if it was their last. Despite the antis and the hateful comments, their popularity continued to rise and earned them newcomer awards. Now, known as the “Kings of Kpop”, Super Junior has brought concrete change to the varying role of idols and the industry itself. Not only are there enough mics for everyone during stage performances, but new groups no longer face discrimination for having a large number of members and members from other nationalities. 




  • the leader of Super Junior and SM
  • the most humble man you will ever know
  • treats seniors and junior with equal respect
  • never forgets to bow to show respect to others 
  • protective of others
  • very supportive of others, and guides them to succeed 
  • down to earth, gentle, respectful, wise, and very patient
  • rarely gets angry
  • loves to MC, potential national MC in the future
  • he’s too kind-hearted for his own good
  • takes on others responsibilities
  • sometimes blames himself for others “failures” 
  • the mother hen of super junior
  • cries a lot when he is overwhelmed by others love towards him
  • had a sad childhood because of his abusive father
  • suffered major depression and was suicidal thoughts during his military service
  • took on his father’s debt despite being told not to by his lawyer after his father committed suicide 
  • wants to be a producer in the far future
  • was involved in a bad accident with Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun where he hurt his back 
  • low-key likes having attention
  • formed a support group for idols suffering from depression
  • likes to keep his age a secret LOL
  • has a strict skincare routine
  • should have a gold star in english for trying
  • loves making others laugh 
  • enjoys having fun and being a dork
  • well respected and admired for many idols and celebrities 
  • adores children
  • loves posting on social media when he feels bored or lonely
  • loves interacting with fans and bringing fandoms together 
  • he has a very unique and contagious  laugh


  • the most outspoken member in the group
  • has A LOT of idol and celebrity friends
  • has a lot of confidence, especially in his looks, smart and talented
  • has a bad-temper 
  • speaks his mind and usually does what he wants
  • admires and is protective of Leeteuk because they are opposites
  • feels guilty when he can’t do anything to help Leeteuk
  • punctuality and time is important to him, won’t wait for someone more than 10 mins, will sneak off else where if he feels his time is being wasted
  • cares a lot of about his look but does not have good fashion sense
  • initially awkward with Eunhyuk, has soft spot for Donghae
  • was involved in a car accident in 2006, resulted in having a metal rod in his leg, therefore cannot do difficult choreography
  • debuted on tv as an actor
  • loves playing computer games, watching anime and reading manga
  • very witty and always roasting others 
  • initially had most antis due to his outspoken personality and his lack of commitment to the group
  • thought about leaving Super Junior in 2009 to focus on his acting but changed his mind due to Eunhyuk’s kindness
  • suffered from depression when his best friend Hangeng left the group 
  • extremely dorky and sometimes gets shy and embarrassed by others
  • loves to crossdress, cosplay, and rap in english
  • likes uniques things instead of brands
  • he cried going for his army duty because of leaving Leeteuk alone
  • since he returned from the army he’s been very protective of the group
  • get asked about his sexuality due to his closeness with men and women 
  • has comfortably kissed a few male idols
    • including Hangeng, Sungmin, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kibum, Kyuhyun, and Henry 
  • does not like labeling people or discrimination over sexuality
  • knows more girl group songs and choreo than his own groups LOL
  • he is awkward with and a little scared of kids, despite being their fav
  • loves to prank others – especially Eunhyuk 


  • the first Chinese member in a Korea boyband 
  • faced a lot of discrimination and antis in the beginning because of that and performed wearing a mask due to people insulting his nationality; heechul pulled off his mask during the performance and made him stand at the front when they bowed to thank the audience; he tried to hide but heechul hugged him so he wouldn’t move
  • good at martial arts and dancing
  • easily startled, kind, gentle, sweet, and sometimes a little awkward
  • very good at cooking; doesn’t like junk food or sweets
  • can’t resists what the younger members’ requests
  • he left SJ in 2009/10 due to SM’s terrible contract with him
  • he is a solo artist (and actor) in China now and keeps in touch with the members and fans 


  • initially the strangest member of the group LOL
  • moved a lot in his sleep and often changes position
  • collected bug in high school 
  • sometimes has fluctuating self-confidence in his singing ability
  • is actually very sensitive, once he cried on radio station because he thought he had no fans T______T
  • adores Eunhyuk
  • not that great on tv shows because he talks for too long LOL 
  • newly discovered his acting talent on tv, previously acted in musicals and also done OSTs
  • did not appear on camera a lot for some reason when he sang on stage with super junior after they debuted….this made him really sad 
  • has a thing for members’ philtrum, he use to tough the members’ lips when they slept LMAO 
  • fell off a 1.5m stage and was hospitalized for two days with a hurt neck and waist
  • likes wearing a lot of accessories and jewelry; has a collection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings
  • has a birthmark on his stomach that he doesn’t like to show
  • his mom tricked him into submitted application to audition for SM 
  • not the best SJ dancer…has his own unique freestyle trademark dance 
  • likes to post selfies on his social media 
  • he’s afraid of ghosts
  • he wants to visit Canada and have his honeymoon there (WOOT!!!)
  • has a lot of awkward and stupid moments of his own making LOL


  • tough but a warm hearted person 
  • he likes to talk a lot
  • first member of SJ to go to the army
  • due to two drunk driving incident, he is currently not active in the group
  • loves to play pranks on members – especially Eunhyuk 
  • calls himself Korean’s #1 Handsome Guy
  • debuted on tv as a host and actor
  • he’s very talented at kick boxing
  • quickly embarrassed after saying something cheesy 
  • gets annoyed when members acting too cute, especially Sungmin
  • the most flirtatious member LOL
  • he is strong, fun, and lively
  • loves food and is a good cook
  • kind of slow at learning dance choreo 
  • loves roses 


  • basically the wild card of the group 
  • often underestimated and overshadowed by other members due to his big figure and chubby features 
  • amazing choreographer, dancer, and videographer
  • fun, hilarious, and dorky 
  • feels embarrassed shopping online because sometimes his size is unavailable 
  • was in a car accident in 2007 with Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, and Eunhyuk but suffered very minor injuries 
  • loves teasing other and making jokes
  • has a tattoo of a clown quoted “ a friend in need is a friend indeed”
  • sometimes likes to sleep naked…especially in the summer LOL
  • he is the “mood maker” of the group
  • blames himself for some people not liking super junior because he is “fat”
  • he often snores in his sleep
  • he loves to make others laugh 
  • once when no one laughed at his joke he cried in the bathroom 
  • sadly he is often judged by his body instead of his talent 
  • he’s smart and likes creating things for fan to decode as a fun activity 


  • the multi-talented good-at-everything member of the group
  • first married member of the group
  • very good at Chinese martial arts
  • taught SNSD’s Sunny how to play the guitar
  • he’s been in a lot of musical and some tv shows 
  • likes cute thing and the colour pink…he had so much pink that Donghae started hating the colour pink LOL 
  • doesn’t like getting expensive gifts
  • his first kiss was with Eunhyuk (think it was underwater kiss on EHB) 
  • says he has natural aegyo but hates being called cute
  • loves pumpkins, squashes, and rabbits
  • he’s very OCD, ambidextrous, anemic
  • he’s very humble but claims to be mean
  •  the most important thing to him is family
  • he has a docile personality 
  • bad at telling jokes LOL
  • he is usually quiet, likes to observe, and listen to others 
  • he falls asleep easily but doesn’t sleep for a long time
  • he’s smart, honest, nice, compassionate, and hard working
  • likes being alone most of the time 
  • has a habit of biting his nailed
  • he’s fluent in Japanese 
  • he’s an expert in karte, boxing, taekwando
  • he’s very protective but also a little shy
  • doesn’t like telling others when he’s upset cuz he doesn’t wanna make people worried about him


  • the pretty boy and crybaby of the group 
  • adored by a lot of male idols 
  • likes anime and manga (but not as much as Heechul)
  • often pranked and very easily too because he is gullible 
  • he grew up very poor…his family would have to use a public washroom because of their living condition
  • he’s been dancing since he was a kid
  • he was bullied in elementary school
  • amazing dancer, choreographer, and rapper 
  • he loves to eat and doesn’t like sharing his food
  • when he was little he collected snails, he was a member of a traditional korean gardening club in high school
  • he has a birth mark on his right palm
  • he joined a cross-dressing beauty competition when he was in middle or high school (can’t remember)
  • he’s is often teased for crying a lot and for his skinny “feminine” figure 
  • he’s very shy around girls despite his charming and confident persona 
  • he is a mama’s boy 
  • easily moved by other’s love towards him
  • loves eating sweets, once when the members were shopping he bought a bunch and Leeteuk didn’t let him buy it so he started crying, the members apologized and let him buy it, he cried as he ate them LOL
  • has the nicest lips amongst all the members
  • was insecure about his gummy smile on tv but grew to love it 
  • he is a fashionista and has lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories 
  • he is VERY clean and organized 
  • he doesn’t like people touching his things
  • he sleeps with a lot of pillows and some plushies 
  • he’s a fanboy of girl groups and sometimes likes to do their choreo.
  • he crossdresses a lot like I can’t even…him and Heechul 
  • does a lot of aegyo 
  • loves to troll the fans
  • loves changing his hair colour and style 
  • makes friends easily due to his outgoing personality but he’s actually very shy and easily embarrassed 
  • he likes to shave his legs to “keep his image as an idol” LOL
  • he had a puppy since he was a kid named Choco who passed away
  • he often loses at psychological games but is a good athlete 
  • he doesn’t like to share his secrets and worry others
  • he loves strawberries, Silver, and going to Europe (mostly Paris)
  • extremely kind, humble, grateful, and good tempered boy
  • he was involved in a car accident with Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, and Shindong in 2007 but suffered a few injuries
  • he cried a lot for Kyuhyun when he was hurt in the accident and since then has always had a soft spot for him and his teasing 
  • has a hard time expressing his feelings to others and often cries when he is thankful to the members for their support because he can’t express it in words 
  • he is easily afraid but needles and injections scare him the most 
  • terrible at drinking 
  • despite being an adorable dork, he has a big heart and patience


  • the handsome prince of the group
  • the most important person in his life is his father
  • initially wanted to be a soccer player but upon his father’s request he auditioned for SM to be a singer (his father wanted to be a singer)
  • after he debuted as a super junior member and won their first award; he thanked his father on tv and returned to show him his first pay check but sadly his father had already passed away from cancer
  • he’s envious of the other members who can spend time with their dads
  • his sensitive side comes from the loss of his father
  • he loves kids and puppies
  • after joining SM, he immediately wanted to be friends with Eunhyuk
  • he says he’s the most handsome guy in SM and most popular in SJ
  • he use to get teased for his Mokpo accent when he spoke
  • once he yelled at fans for blocking his way when he went to visit Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun at the hospital after their accident
  • he is very affectionate and responsible
  • sometimes cries when he feels touched by other’s kindness 
  • he LOOOOVES to exercise
  • he prefers dressing in formal attire
  • he does not eating or being alone 
  • he likes being cared for
  • he is spoiled by Heechul who lets him speak informally to him
  • he was a naughty child who liked to prank his neighbours 
  • he was a little popular in high school 
  • he loves writing poems, songs, and composing music 
  • he’s very loyal, playful, understanding, compassionate, and sweet
  • he rarely gets angry but easily get annoyed / frustrated
  • he HATES doing aegyo 
  • he’s getting very good at English 🙂 
  • can also speak Mandarine and Japanese 
  • he likes hitting and slapping others playfully, especially Eunhyuk
  • he doesn’t talk a lot on tv and watches other members instead
  • he is very critical and precise of his song-writing and composing
  • he is socially awkward on tv shows but has gotten better at it 🙂
  • he likes to protect the people he loves
  • he likes to say what’s on his mind 
  • he’s watched Titanic a million times -_- he’s a romantic sooo…
  • he loves taking photos
  • he’s very persistent and possessive when he finds someone he loves 
  • he likes to tease Eunhyuk because it keeps him in a good mood
  • sometimes he’s very cheesy, earning him the title prince charming 
  • since a trainee he was very popular amongst females 
  • he doesn’t like being called short by other people 
  • he likes being called a prince 


  • the VERY GENTLE gentleman of the group 
  • also suuuuuuuuuuper rich like damn! 
  • his family owns the 2nd biggest retail chain his Korea
  • once he worked at a gas station and didn’t know his dad’s car pulled up until the man rolled down his window; he stopped working there 
  • scouted by a talent agent at the age of 16 while waiting for his friends outside of their high school
  • he didn’t tell his family he auditioned for SM until he was accepted; his father said he was not going to financially support him for his decision
  • he father let him sign under SM as long as he stayed a full time student
  • he’s religious and prays often
  • has a built and ideal body despite being the younger of the members
  • he’s known to be the face of the group LOL
  • he loves taekwando
  • his most precious item is his Bible
  • he loves espresso coffee ad waffles
  • his fav movie is The Godfather 
  • he’s been in a lot of tv shows, movies, and modeling activities but says his 1st priority and commitment is towards Super Junior
  • he’s very good at English and Mandarine 
  • he likes reading english newspapers in the morning 
  • he loves skinship – especially with Eunhyuk 
  • he is a very calm, polite, respectful, and welcoming person 
  • sometimes he worries about his self-confidence the most 
  • he is very dedicated to his charity causes and a hard worker
  • he likes to exercise and practice at the gym 
  • his trademark is probably his eyebrows LOL
  • he has won many Most Handsome Man awards 
  • he expresses himself through his big hand gestures he has a lot of international friends and acquaintances
  • he is known to be the ideal son and man 


  • the eternal maknae of the group 
  • he is an only child 
  • he likes wearing make up
  • he often cooks for the members and worries about their health
  • he can sleep fo 18 hours a day LOL
  • he says I Love You a lot when he gets drunk
  • once he questioned his “strange feelings” after he kissed Eunhyuk underwater on EHB 
  • he the shortest member and wears shoe-lifts to make himself taller 
  • he’s very gentle, warm, shy, and soft hearted 
  • he has a sharp tongue when he’s around people he is comfortable with (the members) and makes a lot of jokes
  • he loves to tease Eunhyuk 
  • he’s insecure about his face and body due to being fat when he was little and having lost a lot of weight 
  • likes taking selfies
  • was teased by members when he was the youngest, but after Kyuhyun joined the group, he only got teased by Kyuhyun 
  • likes to cook when he’s angry
  • he has nice skin and puts a lot of time into his skincare routine 
  • good at reading people’s mood 
  • he’s bad at sports LOL
  • he’s a multi-tasker
  • he likes watching dramas by himself
  • he’s afraid of dogs, heights, and hospitals
  • he loves Giraffes and shopping 
  • he doesn’t like standing next to Siwon because of their height difference
  • once Leeteuk waxed his legs with duct tape LMFAO 


  • the initial maknae of the group 
  • he arrived to Korea as SM trainee from Los Angeles, USA
  • he debuted on tv as an actor
  • he’s very passionate about acting
  • he became inactive in SJ around 2010 and left SJ in 2015 to pursue his acting career 
  • he is cheerful, shy, very quiet, and kind  
  • most fluent in English, followed by Siwon
  • he gets teased for his english accent when speaking Korean 
  • loves to play computer games 
  • he likes cats and rabbits and dislikes apples
  • he likes to win so he’s very competitive


  • the spoiled (true) maknae of the group
  • he is a GENIUS!
  • he loves playing video and computer games 
  • he likes to read books but not comics
  • he snores and drools when he sleeps
  • he’s good at math
  • in 2007 he was in a car accident with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk
  • he was in a coma due to the serious injuries and had a 20% chance of survival; he could have gone mute because of the immediate operation the Doctor’s had to do but his father refused that method since Kyuhyun loved to sing, and another Doctor suggested a second method
  • since then he’s been very spoiled by all the members 
  • he wrote his Masters paper on the impact of k-pop and it was the #1 paper in search engines 
  • he’s known as the evil maknae because he teases, pranks, and is sometimes mean to all the other (older) members – especially Eunhyuk and Ryeowook 
  • he has a sharp tongue (mostly towards his friends)
  • he doesn’t like showing skin because of the stitches from his accident 
  • he was a fan of Super Junior before he became a member in 2006
  • once he made a birthday wish to speak informally to all the other members LOL
  • he’s the 2nd or 3rd richest member of the group 
  • he’s not good at cooking but loves to eat
  • he’s VERY witty and sarcastic 
  • he likes to drink and has a high alcohol tolerance 
  • he often sept on the floor in SJ dorms because SM didn’t have enough room and beds for all of them; eventually the manager bought him one
  • he is the rebel maknae of the group… (Heechul is the rebel hyung) 
  • when he was little, he once hung his pants in front of his bed to get a bigger present from santa 
  • despite his love for singing and games, he is serious about his studies
  • he usually laughed at his own jokes after dissing a member or others
  • he hearing on his left ear is a little impaired due to an ear infection when he was younger 
  • he’s been in many musicals and done a lot of OSTs
  •  likes soccer, basketball, snowboarding and is a good skier
  •  loves drinking wine



Zhou Mi

  • he loves shopping and fashion
  • wrote the Chinese lyrics for some of SJ’s Korean songs  
  • he can look serious but he’s somewhat dorky 
  • he’s a gentleman at heart 
  • kind of a diva too LOL
  • he can speak basic English well 
  • he is also a radio DJ and model 

Henry Lau

  • born in Toronto, Canada (WOOT!!!)
  • he is also multi-lingual (korean, mandarine, cantonese, japanese, french) 
  • initially he was shy but over time he become outgoing and dorky
  • he loves to have fun and make jokes
  • amazing dancer and skilled violin, piano, guitar, and drums player
  • he’s a little messy
  • he doesn’t like spicy food and doesn’t like Korean food that much 
  • he’s very loving, sweet, cheesy, and kind hearted 
  • he’s the first modal for America Eagle in Korea

That’s it! I hope this gives you an insight into what the members are like. It is Super Junior after all so I don’t need to individually mention that each members is a humble, down to earth, fun, loving, dorky, funny, and kind hearted soul who deserves to be treasured.