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Super Junior won their 20th Golden Disk Award! They won Disk Bonsang (Best Album) at the 34th Golden Disk Awards show on Jan 5th 2020. Super Junior makes history as the most awarded group by Ips Golden Disk Awards. © 

“Longevity group Super Junior, who has been in their 16th year since debut, shows off their potential as a group who pioneered the Hallyu Wave.“ ©

‘TIME_SLIP’ is the group’s 9th Korean studio album (11th overall) and the official comeback album after the return of the last member’s military service. 


Super Junior was banned from GDA for winning too many awards. However, they have once again received an award from GDA. This award also marks their 20th win at the show. They are still the most awarded group in GDA. ©

Super Junior did not attend the GDA ceremony and made their acceptance speech through VCR while they were on a schedule out of the country. 


Super Junior’s 9th Album (cont): 

  • Debuted at #1 on the Gaon Monthly Chart
  • Exceeded 400K Album Sales
  • Album Chart – #1 
  • Retail Chart – #1 
  • Download Chart – #2 
  • Social Chart – #3
  • First Gaon Certification 
  • Gaon Platinum Album Certification 
  • Top 10 Best Selling Albums in November 2019 
  • 3rd SM Artist with Highest Album Sales on Gaon 2019
  • Top 10 Best-Seller Boy Groups in 2019
    • the only 2nd gen group to be one of the best selling of 2019
  • 2nd Best-Seller SM Album (Group)
  • 4th November Boy Group Brand Reputation Ranking

source: sj_charts

Super Junior is THE K-Pop boy group that spread K-Pop globally since 2009. Super Junior is part of K-Pop’s History and is the Global Hallyu Kings. They are 1st to achieve a lot as K-Pop idols: 

  • the 1st to have a lot of members
  • the 1st to have a foreign member
  • the 1st to have sub-units
  • the 1st to have an Asia concert
  • the 1st to hold over 100 International concerts
  • the 1st to reach over 1 million concert audience record
  • the 1st to chart on International music charts
  • the 1st to win International music awards
  • and many more! 

SJ knows it better than anyone the legacy they’ve left behind for other groups. The industry knows it better than anyone. That’s why they started calling SJ conquerors, legends, kings and continue to do so. Their reputation and fame as a Hallyu Star were confirmed when they swept numerous music charts from both domestic and overseas. They broke records in 2007 with Don’t Don and then conquered with Sorry Sorry album. Their fame kept growing after that. 

Q. What do you think of your group being called the Hallyu King?

Eunhyuk: We’re quite embarrassed. There are many other amazing artists, but it does feel good. When we first debuted, being awarded the Rookie of the Year was our goal. 

Sungmin: I slowly understood what the nickname [Hallyu King] meant as we did the world tour. I realized how much the fans cared for us by witnessing the unexpected heat of support from our fans during the tour in each country.

Ryeowook: As for me, I don’t like the feeling of having completed everything. There are times when I envy new groups. They still have many places to go and a lot to accomplish. We also want to be a team always headed for something or somewhere. I still long for something more. 

Q: What do you think is the secret to your extraordinary popularity?

Kangin: When we go abroad, I also ask similar questions, ‘Which K-pop group is popular?’, and they tell us that it is ‘us.’ We can see that they aren’t just being polite because they are really excited when they tell us that. It’s a mystery since there are teams that are better looking and better vocal skills. When we ask them why they think so, they always say that we are ‘kind.’ We often hear from fans that we are humane, honest, and kind.

Ryeowook: We never thought that we would be this loved when we first debuted. Our team was the first group in Korea to be made up of more than 10 members, so it was definitely risky. We really bound together. Older members sacrificed a lot and really cared for us. We grew slowly.

Sungmin: We tried out new things. We are the first to create a ‘unit’ in Korea. We were distinguished in that we had many members, communicated often with the fans, and weren’t afraid to just be ourselves. I think trying to be an oppa (older brother) next door helped. Our choreography was made to enjoy and not too difficult.

They are 1st to open doors for other groups. They respect the old groups for creating the industry. They celebrate the new groups for carrying the torch forward. Let’s celebrate them. They are the group that paved the way for K-Pop to become what it is now. Arguments are invalid. 

Also Note: I did not make this post to shit on other groups since I believe they all bring love and happiness for someone out there and therefore should all be treated with kindness and respect. This is simply to celebrate Super Junior for their achievements. Please respect that. Thank you. 🙂


[ 191203 ] HEECHUL and HANGENG at the 2019 Cosmo Glam Night, Shanghai.



AAA 2019 in Vietnam : Dongnam Media and FPT Polytechnic Popularity Award 🏆

Leeteuk: The thing about ‘popularity’ is that we don’t know when it’ll happen and when it’ll fade, but because ELF have been constantly cheering and loving us for 15 years, I think it was possible (we lasted long). I don’t think time is important, as much as we work hard and appreciate the time we have, even if we lose popularity the love with our fans won’t change forever. From now on we will work harder and create memories so I hope you love us lots.

Donghae: It’s been a long time since we’ve been in Vietnam, thank you to everyone who’s given us lots of love, and today we’ll repay you with a cool performance, thank you!

[Translation by Haeteukis on twitter]


AAA 2019 in Vietnam – Top of KPop Award

Kyuhyun: This year already marks 14 years since our debut, and we came to Vietnam after a long time. Seeing the fans waving their blue lightsticks from different places, it makes me really happy. Even though it’s been a long time, we feel the fact that we have a lot of fans from different countries and we hope to become a better, hardworking Super Junior, thank you everyone!

Yesung: Looking back.. for me, it feels like yesterday but a long time has passed already. Thank you for looking after us and giving us appreciation for a long time. We’ll work harder than ever before, so please look after us from now on, thank you!

Ryeowook: Thank you, ELF I love you!

Leeteuk: Nothing lasts forever, and as time goes by, it’s obvious that we get older and weaker. But we Super Junior hope to be a group that lasts by everyone’s side forever more than a beautiful flower that blossoms. As always, thank you for loving us and being moved by us, and we always repay that love back to everyone. Also, we hope to last as a group that speaks about beginnings not endings, and of the present not the past. Everyone, even today is a merit, because we’ll make new memories with everyone like always. We’ll greet you guys at our concert,and we sincerely thank you and love you.

[translation by haeteukies on twitter]


K-POP legends take home a 2nd music show award for SUPER CLAP!

This is their first Music Bank award in 5 years, having completed their military service. Super Junior dedicated their Music Bank win to E.L.F and thanked their fans for giving them this award. 

Leeteuk: I am very happy that a day like this came again. It is only possible thanks to our ELF, who always shake hands when we are about to give up or fall..sincerely, thanks to the members who did not give up and gave a great presentation, thanks to our parents. © 

#SuperClap2ndWin was No. 1 on WW Twitter Trends. 

Congratulations Super Junior and E.L.F!!  



[NEWS] 191024 Congratulations! Super Junior Tops Gaon Weekly Album Chart!