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siwon: ryeowook gave me a get better soon card

hyukjae: aww, that’s sweet!

siwon: I wasn’t sick, he just thought I could do better


Hyukjae: Tell me something worse than heartbreak?
Ryeowook: When you wake up in the morning and find out that your phone wasn’t charging
Kyuhyun: When you wake up in the morning
Heechul: When you wake up


yesung: the next person to say “mood” or “same” or “me” after I make a threat will be thrown out the window onto solid concrete.
kyuhyun: mood
heechul: same
hyukjae: me


hyukjae: if you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, would you still be sober?

sungmin: yes

yesung: maybe a bit tipsy

kyuhyun: wasted

heechul: dead

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eunhae matching icons, like/reblog.
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[hyukjae and donghae, about to pull a prank on leeteuk]

donghae: is this really a good idea?

hyukjae: well, our future selves haven’t come back to stop us, so how bad of a decision can it really be?


donghae: you’ve got a point


donghae: can we please stay in your dorm?
leeteuk: why?
siwon: kangin-hyung played with a ouija board and cursed ours
hyukjae: heechul doesn’t know how to banish spirits, so he just throws salt at them and yells “does this look like a hotel to you?!”


hyukjae: when I said “bring me back something from the beach,” I meant like a seashell.
donghae, struggling to hold onto a seagull: well you didn’t say that



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eunhae matching icons, like/reblog.
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