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hyukjae: if you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, would you still be sober?

sungmin: yes

yesung: maybe a bit tipsy

kyuhyun: wasted

heechul: dead


siwon: so I have this beautiful rock, Ryeowook gave it to me

shindong: he threw it at you

siwon: he’s so sweet


sungmin: I drink to forget my sorrows

heechul: you’re drinking Capri Sun


kyuhyun, flexing: you see these arms?

kyuhyun: wii sports resort


leeteuk: it’s hard being the leader, but I love my members—

sungmin, coming into the room: do you want the good news or the bad news first?

leeteuk: … good news

sungmin: hyukjae wanted to make us dinner! Isn’t that sweet?


sungmin: … the kitchen may or may not be on fire.

leeteuk: [inhales]


kyuhyun: kangin-hyung, how do I get revenge on those who’ve wronged me?

kangin: the best revenge is letting go and living well.


kyuhyun: hey heechul-hyung, how do I get revenge——


[mid nerf-gun war]

leeteuk: you shot siwon??

ryeowook: well, yeah… you should have heard what he said to me!

leeteuk: what did he say?

ryeowook, in siwon’s voice: ‘what are you gonna do? Shoot me?’


[at the vet]

vet: Good morning sir, how may I help you?

donghae: Well, my dog is kinda sick and—— *gasps*

vet: ?? Is there a problem sir?

donghae: I forgot my dog


ryeowook: heechul-hyung, put some sunscreen on.

heechul: ryeowook, I’m a grown man, I don’t need that.


ryeowook: you think you’re stronger than the sun?


ryeowook: the fucking sun?


[hyukjae and donghae, about to pull a prank on leeteuk]

donghae: is this really a good idea?

hyukjae: well, our future selves haven’t come back to stop us, so how bad of a decision can it really be?


donghae: you’ve got a point