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ryeowook: you need to stop doing weird things. going out might help.
donghae: I went to the park today
ryeowook: I hope you got something out of that
donghae: I did! *opens jacket* a duck


yesung: hyukjae is doing this stupid voiceover thing now and he narrates everything he thinks.

hyukjae, speaking dramatically: hyukjae did not enjoy what his bitter friend yesung had to say.

yesung: don’t you dare do another voiceover.



hyukjae: but hyukjae had to dare.


ryeowook: and now a word of wisdom from kyuhyun
kyuhyun: if you step on someone’s foot, they open their mouth like a trash can
ryeowook: what the fuck


heechul: where’s my fucking phone?
leeteuk: heechul, the younger members are around. Could you say it nicer?
heechul: many apologies
heechul: may I ascertain the whereabouts of my fucking phone?


leeteuk: man, I’m not even that funny
super junior:
super junior:
super junior:
leeteuk: “no, hyung!! You’re hilarious!! We love your jokes!”


ryeowook: spooky hideout, villains guarding the joint, still, no sign that siwon’s in any real danger yet
siwon: [from inside the hideout] let me go!
ryeowook: still, technically not a cry for help
siwon: HELP!
ryeowook: well, not a cry for me
siwon: RYEOWOOK!!
ryeowook: … damn it


sungmin: let’s play a game! I say an answer, and you give me what you think the question is. The answer is ‘red’!
donghae: what color is an apple?
sungmin: sure, why not? There are no wrong answers! Next, the answer is ‘6’.
heechul: when life starts to go downhill
sungmin: any other answers?


leeteuk: did you put glitter in the laundry detergent?
yesung: I’m experimenting with some new entrepreneurial ideas. I like to call that one “Sparkle Suds”. Dress loud™
leeteuk: will you stop putting glitter in everything?? This morning you put glitter in the butter
yesung: Disco Dairy. Spread the party™


sungmin: *puts on bike helmet*
henry: that looks pretty lame, dude
sungmin: you know what isn’t lame?
sungmin: *clips helmet* safety.

When the candy he bought gets stuck in the ven…

gets arm stuck trying to get it out: leeteuk, siwon, donghae, kibum

shakes the vending machine: shindong, ryeowook

kicks/punches the glass: heechul, kangin

asks for help: sungmin, hangeng, zhoumi

all of the above, in that order: kyuhyun, yesung, henry, hyukjae