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Super Junior D&E announce details for their 3r…


Super Junior D&E will be releasing their third full Japanese album in August!
The 3rd album will be called ‘STYLE’, and consists of 7 singles that the boys have been releasing since November 2017 – “Here We Are”, “You Don’t Go”, “If You”, “Circus”, “Lose It”, “Can I Stay”, “Hot Babe” – as well as all-new 4 new songs!

The duo will also be launching a tour in Japan. They’ll be in Yokohama from September 7-8, in Kobe from September 15-17, in Tokyo from September 27-28 as well as from October 2-3, in Nagoya from October 12-13, in Hiroshima from October 20-21, in Fukuoka from October 27-28, and finally, in Sapporo from November 3-4. /allkpop

[INFO] Super Junior D&E Japanese Album &ls…

[INFO] Super Junior D&E Japanese Album ‘STYLE’ will be released on August 8th 2018!

[INFO] Super Junior D&E’s Japan Album ‘STYLE’ …


[NEWS] 180528 Super Junior’s Siwon is official…

[Sports Economy] Label SJ officially announced on May 28 that Choi Siwon is officially returning to the Entertainment Industry after 8 months, starting with the premiere of Super TV’s second season on May 29.


Choi Siwon will make his comeback, returning to the entertainment industry through the second season of Super TV, which will broadcast on xtvn and tvn on May 29. 

Since the end of last year, Choi Siwon had stepped out of all public entertainment activities aside from Super Junior’s SS7 World Tour concerts and the regular album recording for SJ’s 8th album PLAY, as well as one SMTOWN concert in Dubai, in which the entire company’s artists performed. In the meanwhile, despite stepping out of public appearances, Choi Siwon continued receiving many lovecalls/being invited on so many shows, but remained firm and always respectful, politely declining every time. He has now finally decided to make his return with Super Junior members through Super TV, Season 2. 

Choi Siwon will communicate with domestic and foreign fans through V Live on the day of the premier [8PM on May 29] to announce his official return as a public figure, planning to show his unique performances through Super TV Season 2. The production team said that they had already finished the first recording and had captured the hearts of the members on camera. 

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[INFO] Boom: “the first Hallyu-dol, Super Juni…


On tvn’s variety show “Amazing Saturday”, they played Super Junior’s song “Devil”. The song and the group both topped charts on MelOn after the segment, taking #1 and #2 spots along with 3 more! 

When revealing the artists of the song, Boom introduced Super Junior as “keeping their status as Hallyu King for 14 years” and the caption above the show’s logo read “the first Hallyu-dol, Super Junior”!  


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[INFO] 180526 Super Junior’s “Devil” ranks #1 …


10PM KST: Super Junior’s song “Devil” was played in the segment of tvn’s variety show “Amazing Saturday”, where the guests have to guess lyrics of songs to win food. After the song played on the variety show, both “Devil” and “Super Junior” topped real-time search ranking on MelOn, taking 5/10 spots on the chart with Devil at #1 and Super Junior at #2.  


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[NEWS] Leslie Grace And Super Junior’s “Lo Sie…

The year 2017 marks a time of major multilingual and multicultural musical collaborations. With Luis Fonsi’s remix of “Despacito,” featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, climbing to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 16 weeks, and J Balvin and Willy William’s remix for “Mi Gente,” featuring Beyoncé, making it to the No. 3 spot, the western music market is opening up to music in Spanish. But these aren’t the only collaborations bridging different cultures and genres. In the era of globalization, K-pop, short for Korean pop music, is an international phenomenon, and the genre is beginning to meld its addictive melodies with urban Latin pop. Evidence: K-pop boy band Super Junior’s recent collaboration with Leslie Grace.

Debuting in 2005, the fellas of Super Junior are the kings of Hallyu — the Korean wave. At their height, 15 men donned the Super Junior title, but, due to departures, mandatory military service and other issues, only Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung, Heechul and Leeteuk are currently active. As a group, the men have led a revolution in the industry, spurring forward electro-pop and R&B-influenced dance tracks.

And among K-pop, they also have one of the strongest fan bases in Latin America. The group has long captivated these audiences with hits like “Sorry Sorry,” “Mr. Simple” and “Mamacita,” and Super Junior has made sure to visit their Latin American E.L.F — what they call their fans — on three separate tours since 2013, holding arena shows in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru. It must be noted that the group has yet to hold a single solo show in the U.S.

For many years, Super Junior and SM Entertainment, their label, had seen the excitement from their supporters in Latin America and wanted to show their gratitude by releasing a song partly sung in Spanish. In March, the group dropped “Lo Siento,” a tune about finding romance on the dance floor, featuring Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace and the Latino production duo Play-N-Skillz as part of the extended version of their eighth album, Replay.  

“The song with Super Junior and Play-N-Skillz came out of nowhere. None of us really knew each other,” Leslie Grace, who was recommended to the K-pop group by the Argentine-Venezuelan sibling duo Play-N-Skillz, told FIERCE. “The beauty of it was [having the opportunity of] discovering something that’s been happening hugely in its own right in a different side of the world, and discovering it for the first time and saying, ‘Man, I wanna be a part of that. I don’t know anything about it up until this point, but I really want to be a part of that.’”

While it’s commonplace for K-pop groups to release records in Japanese or Mandarin in order to cater to Asian music markets, or English one-offs for international fans, no act had ventured into singing in Spanish or acknowledged their Latin American fans with a song quite like Super Junior.

“Lo Siento” is a true K-pop and urban Latin-pop mashup. It plays up the typical Spanish guitar and blends a familiar Latin flair with the energy and the mix of pop, dance and hip-hop that K-pop is known for. The music video, shot in South Korea, even features the “Díganle” singer dancing along with the guys of Super Junior. 

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The trilingual track debuted at No. 13 on Billboard’s Latin digital sales chart, the first K-pop entry ever. A bit over two weeks after the music video dropped, “Lo Siento” surpassed 20 million views, which was three times more than what their last Korean single, “Black Suit,” accumulated.

While “Lo Siento” isn’t the first time K-pop artists have teamed up with Latin ones nor used Latin genres in their music, it is the first instance that we can actually call a real collaboration. In 2016, for instance, Ricky Martin released a version of his hit “Vente Pa’ Ca” featuring Wendy from K-pop girl group Red Velvet, though she sang in English, and Mexican boy band CD9 released “Get Dumb” with Korean girl group Crayon Pop. In both cases, the artists simply exchanged vocals, put them together and released the song with little fanfare. With “Lo Siento,” however, not only did Leslie fly to Korea to be in the music video, but Super Junior invited her and Play-N-Skillz on their Latin American tour last month. 

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Stopping in Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago and Mexico City, Leslie, Play-N-Skillz and Super Junior played before a total of 55,000 fans. The stars blew up the stage with “Lo Siento,” but both Play-N-Skillz and Leslie also had the chance to perform their own sets during the show.

“It never stops being a surprise, with my most recent released single ‘Duro y Suave,’ for [the crowd] to sing it back to me,” the 23-year-old singer, who came to fame after the release of her bachata remake of The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” in 2013, told us. “I know it’s Super Junior’s crowd. I know that their fans are so accepting and loving, and I knew that they would be attentive during the show, but you don’t expect everyone to connect, especially a crowd that’s so different, to your music when you’re the special guest.”

Lord… tonight was special. Mañana les cuento porque pero por ahora me duermo con el recuerdo de esta noche y los dejo con esto. #SuperShow7@playnskillz

— Leslie Grace (@lesliegrace) April 28, 2018

Leslie is currently finishing her new album, which she says will drop by the end of the year. She’s also very excited about potentially finishing another leg of the tour with Super Junior. “They’re trying to see if we can do some more shows in Latin America, in Central America, go to the countries we didn’t get to go to in South America, like Colombia [and] Brazil,” she said.

Just like with “Despacito” and “Mi Gente,” “Lo Siento” is bringing together different cultures, languages and even fandoms from various parts of the world that don’t get to interact as much through music in a compact, smooth earworm. 

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lesliegrace: Where to begin about this experience… #SuperShow7 came at such a perfect time for me. It was such a blessing to share this experience with you boys @playnskillz @superjuniorpersonally and artistically. 4 countries in a week and IMMEASURABLE AMOUNTS OF LOVE all the way through. #ELF […] To know that the music we make has the power to touch your lives in the way we were able to see it first hand in these shows, that is why we do this, that is purpose, that is PRICELESS. This tour reminded me that… thank you to everyone who made it what it was – simply put, a blessing.🙏🏽

“For us to come together just fully based off of mutual artistic respect, and for something like this to happen, and now everybody really enjoying it despite the cultural differences, that to me was the biggest takeaway and the biggest blessing to now be a part of Super Junior’s story and them a huge part of mine,” Leslie said.  

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[INFO] Super Junior’s Lo Siento played on Indo…

[INFO] Super Junior’s Lo Siento played on Indonesia Radio! ©

JTBC will be broadcasting a 2nd season of “Bor…


This season sees the return of g.o.d’s #ParkJoonhyung & will see the addition of #SuperJunior’s Eunhyuk, #2NE1’s SandaraPark, #NUEST’s JR, and #DinDin. They are reportedly filming starting tomorrow!

The show “Borrow Trouble Season 2

” has confirmed that the cast is leaving today (May 17th KST) to begin filming in Switzerland. Fans can also tune in to V Live to see a special video as they head out to begin the show.