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SJ Official: Congratulations Kim Heechul for winning Excellence Award in Reality Show Category at the 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards!! 

Heechul’s Acceptance Speech:
Active in My Ugly Duckling and Tasty Square, I’m Space Big Star, Kim Heechul. First, I’d like to thank my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my nephews Taein and Taehyuk. Thank the production team of My Ugly Duckling who makes my mum happy… Thank Dongyup hiong, Janghoon hiong, team of Tasty Square, Jongwon, Sehyung, Dongjun, Kim’s, Heejin nuna…and HoDong hyung who I really respect, and I’ll continue to follow you and learn from you. At last, I wanna thank Lee Sooman seon saeng nim who allowed me, a person with only a beautiful face, to debut. I really love you. And I wanna thank my petals and elfs who always support me. I’ll work hard for farmers and fish men in the Tasty Square and My Ugly Duckling in the future. Thank you all. ©



kimheenim: [TRANS] Even though there have been a lot of difficulties lately… thank you so much (for supporting me). Not only for me (but) I hope that this world will be a happier place for everyone. Teacher Lee Soo Man who, when I was unknown, made me shine as the entertainer Kim Heechul ❤ The ones who support me and look after me, petals, ELF 💙Later when I’ll get married or when I’ll stop being a celebrity or do whatever else… I’ll live my life with a thankful heart and return all the kindness I have received 🤗🤩© 



Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Leeteuk

Have a christmas that is filled with love and blessings! Merry Christmas!

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Heechul

Spend your Christmas this time with your boyfriend ♡

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Yesung

ELF Christmas~★

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Shindong

ELF just wait!
I will become a rudolf tonight, bring Santa and come ♥︎

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Hyukjae

Merry Christmas!
I will become Santa that will only bring happiness to ELF from now on ♡

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Donghae

Merry Christmas ♥︎ The Santa just only for ELF is me!

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Siwon

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Ryeowook

The person that I think about the most during Christmas is our ELF ♥︎ Merry Christmas

Super Junior’s Christmas Messages 2019 – Kyuhyun

Don’t be lonely this year Merry Christmas! ^_^


Kangin with Chunhyang [cr. kanginnim]

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shared his wish for 2020!

On December 26, the idol shared the following message on his Instagram:

The end of 2019 is just around the corner. Are you all doing well to prepare for the end of the year? Next year, I hope you will achieve what you couldn’t this year. I will also prepare well for the upcoming 2020 year and stand in front of you. And in 2020, I really hope that all artists will be able to sing, dance, and achieve the dreams they worked so hard to prepare in a well-equipped environment without getting hurt.

The Seoul Story: Super Junior Eunhyuk updated his Instagram in which he greeted fans for the upcoming new year and also left a message where he wishes artists are able to sing, dance and perspire without getting hurt (perform in a safe environment). ©

Red Velvet’s Wendy was reportedly seriously injured from an accident and was hospitalized after falling off the SBS stage during rehearsal. ©

Source: Soompi 


191224 Hyukjae’s IG update: merry greecemas 💙



191225 Donghae’s IG update: with the pastor’s wife that I love after worship ended 🙂 merry christmas 🙂




leedonghae: Hey they said it’s our 8th anniversary. Let’s keep maintaining this relationship, extend our contract or something ~ I love you © 

AllRiseSilver: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary. 

eunhyukee44: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary. 

haohaohyuk: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary.