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eunhaero: Donghae’s domestic family guy


Donghae’s domestic family guy


mysilentmemory: [ENG SUB]Super Junior playING …


[ENG SUB]Super Junior playING the ‘Guess The Song From An MV Screenshot’

EH: Donghae-ssi, please tell us what is Teukie…

EH: Donghae-ssi, please tell us what is Teukie-hyung up to these days.  

RW: What has Teukie-hyung been doing? 

DH: It’s been some time since I saw him..ah! ICSYV6! As compared to Teukie-hyung, I’ve been seeing Jongkook-hyung more though. 

EH: Stop working out, seriously.


Hyukjae at Ryeowook’s Showcase: “All of …

Hyukjae at Ryeowook’s Showcase: “All of you please don’t ask Lee Donghae to cut his hair anymore, even I get annoyed hearing it next to him!” ©




[INFO] Kibum said he is still in touch with SJ…

Kibum went to visit the SM building on Two Feet Life when suddenly the guard saw him and greeted him with a warm hand shake.

Kibum: This guard always looked after us (Super Junior), when we practiced, end in the early morning, but he’d be there, taking care of the building. ©

Before he met the guard, Fans who are waiting outside SM building saw him and was shocked and overjoyed to meet him like that randomly. Kibum was very shy! Kibum was also asked if he’s still in contact with Super Junior. 

Kibum: I have always been in contact with Heechul. I also met Donghae this year. I’m happy coz we didn’t see each other for a long time.

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SUPER JUNIOR Debut 13th Anniversary Special Me…

SUPER JUNIOR Debut 13th Anniversary Special Message

Heechul: “I’ve met a lot of people so far. But…

Heechul: “I’ve met a lot of people so far. But in the end, Super Junior members are the only people I can say are my friends.” © ©

i am a very new fan of sj. my bias is kyu and …

i am a very new fan of sj. my bias is kyu and bias wreckers are eunhae! i just got obsessed and trying to learn everything about them, but its hard cause all facts in my language dont sound correct. can u help me? i read kh suffered a lot cause of lung surgery in 3rd year of college and i did math, that is 09, but i couldnt find it? also tumblr users said he is still scared when getting in cars and sorry to sj for his health like heechul, but i dont see a statement saying that? sorry for english

Oh my gosh, welcome to the fandom!! This is so exciting! Kyuhyun is the most precious maknae in all of kpop. If you’d like to learn more about the members, I have a small facts/personality list about them. 

I don’t remember him saying he is sorry to Super Junior for his health because thankfully, he is in good health. He may have been at the time when he was still recovering and couldn’t dance to the choreo and only appeared in songs when it was his time to sing. But after his recovered, he has been fine. Heechul is sorry for his health because the problem keeps coming back after a few years. His leg was okay in between but started hurting him again. It’s one of the reason SJ don’t do difficult choreo, so Heechul can join them too. <3 They shouldn’t be sorry about it though because it is not their fault. They were both in accidents. 

Kyuhyun was in life threatening condition after a car accident (2007) and had to get surgery. I have posted about it before, but I will also share below his own words from Strong Heart, where he talked about it on for the first time: 

Kyuhyun: “It was three years ago. At the time, I was a guest with Shindong, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk on Kiss The Radio (Sukira). After we finished the radio program, we were on our way back to the dorms. I had my eyes closed and was listening to music.” [He was sitting in the back seat of the van.] “Then, all of a sudden I felt “koong…koong…kong” and the car was spinning. The car crashed and went “kwang…kwang…kwang”, spinning out of control. I lost consciousness (due to shock) and then gained it back. I was wondering what had happened. I saw the car far away and it was overturned. I realized that we were in a car accident.”

[Kyuhyun had flown out of the back window and landed far away from where the car finally stopped. He was 19 years old at the time and hospitalized under critical condition with great injuries to his pelvis and chest.] 

“At first I thought I need to get up, so I raised my body and was on my knees. All of a sudden, my eyes became blurry and my past was flashing before my eyes. From the time I entered elementary school to when I went on vacation with my family, and the first time I ever stood on the stage. In that moment I thought, “this is how I’m going to die”. But right then, Eunhyuk ran over to me and grabbed my hand. I was crying and praying to let me live. Eunhyuk started praying and crying with me.”

[Leeteuk spoke about his side of the story on Kiss The Radio. That day, he was sitting in the passenger seat but their manager in the back with Eunhyuk and Shindong, and Kyuhyun. The manager that was driving was not a good driver since he was new to the company. While they were driving, the van slipped in a few times. Then they got to a very slippery part of the road and the manager didn’t twist the wheel in the correct direction so the van went out of control. It spinned and screeched. The manager suddenly turned the wheel in the opposite direction to try and stop the spinning and the entire van flipped. Leeteuk’s face hit the window on the right side and he passed out. When he came to, he realized he couldn’t see from his other eye because his upper right eyelid was ripped and bleeding. He was barely able to move his body and started shouting for the other memebers to see if they were okay. Shindong and Eunhyuk replied, “Yes, hyung, I’m okay.” Luckly, at that time Junjin from Shinhwa was driving by and pulled over when he saw their van. Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk got out of the car and he asked them where Kyuhyun was. They didn’t know so Leeteuk told Eunhyuk to go look for Kyuhyun (he was not seriously injured). But then they saw Kyuhyun lying on the ground far from the car. His body was thrown out the window since he was sitting at the far back. An ambulance arrived and tried to treat him since he was bleeding but he told them to go help Kyuhyun first. He waited with Shindong and Eunhyuk for another ambulance to come while they took Kyuhyun away to the hospital. Shindong and Eunhyuk had x-rays while Leeteuk was moved to surgery for his waist and eyes. Shindong’s back was scrapped from the glass when he was pulling himself out of the van.]

“I was in a come for 4 days and when I woke up, I was in the hospital. My ribs had broken and they pierced my lungs. The doctors gathered my family and the people from the company and told them, “this child is going to die soon if we do not drill a hole in his throat.” But, even with the surgery my chance of survival was around 20%. However my dad said, “this child is someone who loves to sing. He is a singer. How will he go on with his life and live after this?” The doctors said that my father was crazy. “Your son is about to die. How can something like singing be important right now? He must receive the operation right away!” He was unwilling to waver. In that situation, an older senior doctor said, “I will find another way to operate so that this child will be able to sing”. That is why I didn’t have my throat drilled and instead received another form of operation. But the reason why I cried a lot after having this told to me was because my father opposed me singing and becoming a singer. He said that it is just unheard of for a person to become a singer who is from a background of superintendents.”

“My father, who thought like that, was the one who protected my dreams. I cried a lot when I heard this. I was able to stand on stage after five months. From the start of my first come back on stage till the end, Super Junior fans and even those who weren’t my fans of Super Junior would cheer so loudly when it was my turn. [He couldn’t dance the choreo for a while due to the surgery and rehab but fans continued to encourage him.] I was very touched. I felt like I was living a new life. I am able to sing songs that I love. I am able to do activities with the members of Super Junior. I am able to meet my fans. I can walk, I can eat, I am just thankful for everything. I am still alive and living my life. I am extremely thankful to my father, who protected my dreams, and to Eunhyuk, who was the first one to come and pray for me.” You can read more about it here and here. 

You can read some more about it here and here