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Heechul: does my hair look good?
Cop, taking his mugshot: stop talking

Leeteuk: Don’t correct me!
Heechul: Don’t be wrong!


king of smart investment 

Zhoumi: Treat spiders the way you want to be treated.
Heechul: Killed without hesitation.


congratulations kim heechul on winning the sbs excellence award!

Leeteuk: *gets down on one knee*
Heechul: Oh my God, it’s finally happening
Leeteuk: *ties shoelaces*
Heechul, tearing up: He finally stopped wearing fucking crocs.

kyuhyun: am I adopted?
heechul: not yet, we still haven’t found anyone who wants you.


No matter what Kpop artists you stan, we can all share our love for Heechul and his drag


Heechul / Super Clap

concept: act like a fan