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On the 16th, Hanteo Chart, servicing the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, released the Daily Physical Album ranking of the 15th. 

The 1st on the 15th’s Daily Physical Album ranking is the 9th Studio Album by Super Junior’s “Time_Slip”. Released on October 14th, Super Junior’s “Time_Slip” album is receiving a huge love from the fans along its title track,  “SUPER Clap”. 

According to the data released by Hanteo Chart, the album recorded the sales of 23,356 copies from 0 AM to 24 PM on the 15th. 

Also, the Initial Chodong (first week of release) period of Super Junior’s “Time_Slip” album is from October 14th to 20th, and the album is recording the cumulative album sales of 206,763 copies as of the 15th.

Source: Hanteo News

teukables190704 Hyukjae’s IG update: does anyone know why are these 2 men like this? Number 1 – 33 years old and 34 years old men looking good together. Number 2 – what are they doing, quickly go find someone good and start dating. Leave your comments

190704 Hyukjae’s weibo update: I’ve decided not to use a translator. Because it keeps translating differently from what it was intended to be….you miss our maknae Kyuhyun right? Wait just for a little longer💙 ​​​





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