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[ENG SUB] DJ Leeteuk Calling Out to Sleepy Donghae #동해와_함께_HARMONY #Donghae_harmony

200227 Teuk’s IG update: I’m gonna be on broadcast soon #kisstheyoutube💋

200222 Teuk’s IG update: #leeteukskisstheyoutube

[INFO] 200217 Leeteuk is now on YouTube!  you can subscribed to his channel here Subscribe


Leeteuk said that he received healing through Kiss The Radio in the past when he used to host KTR. So he had been thinking for a few days and decided to create a YouTube Radio type of channel. He said that if you’re hesitant to receive counseling from a psychiatrist (for your mental health), he understands that more than anyone else so he hopes his channel can help people even just a little bit. He decided to start the channel to talk to others who have no one else to talk to about their problems and concerns. He said that even though the main point is to help us, he is also helping himself since he has nobody else except Koongi (his puppy) to talk to, so he would like to talk to us on his YT like he used to on KTR. 

He said, he will receive stories beforehand and he will talk about them on the broadcast and sympathize with people. If he does live broadcast, he will do them from 11PM to 12AM KST. He will also be uploading some behind the scenes videos on top of doing the live broadcasts. He understands there will be a lot of foreign fans watching his videos, so he says that he is not that great in English but if you’d like to send in your stories, he can use an online translator and try his best to understand so that he can talk about it with everyone. 

The most important thing is: not to be melancholy, don’t be lonely. If you are looking to lean against someone but you have nobody to lean against, when you want to look for someone but you don’t have someone to look towards, he hopes that the channel will become a precious space for everyone to laugh, chat, and to share stories with one another. 

He said depression is like a cold. Just like how you can easily catch a cold when you are too tired or standing in the cold wind, depression will also come one day and go away another day, so he hopes that we can help each other and overcome it together.  [english translation by teukables

(I am proud of him for being brave and taking this step towards self-healing.)



Super Show 8 In Macau | Citrus_利特0701

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Tiktok video directed by Shindong

200206 siwon and leeteuk at Gimpo Airport