Category: my fav 3rd gen group

for the ask game: monsta x ^^

I looooooove Monsta X!!!! 

  • My first bias: Wonho (love at first sight)
  • Your current bias and why: Wonho, because he is ADORABLE! He is actually a pure cinnamon bun despite his huge muscular body and tight leather pants. He is the precious child of Monsta X. That personality has me more in love with him than his body that everyone is spazzes over. 
  • Favourite song: Hero (this is so hard I love them all)
  • Favourite MV: Shoot Out 
  • OTP: Minhyuk/Wonho 
  • Member you think has the best smile: Minhyuk
  • Favourite choreography: Dramarama
  • Favourite era: I love this right now! Shoot Out
  • Do you own any merchandise: No, but I want some.
  • Have you seen them live: No, but I really want to.
  • Favourite voice/singer: Monsta X’s rapline is next level!! 
  • Favourite dancer: Wonhoeeeeeeeee *gross sobbing*