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Leeteuk said that he received healing through Kiss The Radio in the past when he used to host KTR. So he had been thinking for a few days and decided to create a YouTube Radio type of channel. He said that if you’re hesitant to receive counseling from a psychiatrist (for your mental health), he understands that more than anyone else so he hopes his channel can help people even just a little bit. He decided to start the channel to talk to others who have no one else to talk to about their problems and concerns. He said that even though the main point is to help us, he is also helping himself since he has nobody else except Koongi (his puppy) to talk to, so he would like to talk to us on his YT like he used to on KTR. 

He said, he will receive stories beforehand and he will talk about them on the broadcast and sympathize with people. If he does live broadcast, he will do them from 11PM to 12AM KST. He will also be uploading some behind the scenes videos on top of doing the live broadcasts. He understands there will be a lot of foreign fans watching his videos, so he says that he is not that great in English but if you’d like to send in your stories, he can use an online translator and try his best to understand so that he can talk about it with everyone. 

The most important thing is: not to be melancholy, don’t be lonely. If you are looking to lean against someone but you have nobody to lean against, when you want to look for someone but you don’t have someone to look towards, he hopes that the channel will become a precious space for everyone to laugh, chat, and to share stories with one another. 

He said depression is like a cold. Just like how you can easily catch a cold when you are too tired or standing in the cold wind, depression will also come one day and go away another day, so he hopes that we can help each other and overcome it together.  [english translation by teukables

(I am proud of him for being brave and taking this step towards self-healing.)



SUPER JUNIOR The 9th Album Repackage ‘TIMELESS’ 

  • Package Box (Shadow Ver. / Bright Ver.)
    • CDR (1 / 2)
    • Photobook (1 / 2)
    • Tag (random 1 / 9 for each version)
    • Folded Poster (random 1 / 9 for each version)
    • Photocard (random 1 / 23)  
  • New Songs
    • 2YA2YAO
  • Ticky Tocky 
  • Shadow 
  • Rock Your Body
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    Donghae said the concept of the repackage album is Hip Hop. Recently, Block B’s Zico won a Golden Disk Award for Best R&B / Hip Hop and Super Junior won for Best Album. This collaboration is so unexpected but exciting!!

    Updated Article:

    Super Junior’s upcoming title track will be composed by none other than Zico!

    On January 6, a news outlet reported that a track by Zico would be the title track of Super Junior’s repackaged album, and a source from Label SJ confirmed to Sports Donga, “It is true that Zico has composed and written the title track for the repackaged version of Super Junior’s ninth full album. It will be a music style Super Junior attempts for the first time.”


    Original Article:

    After confirming earlier this week that they would be returning with a repackaged album in late January, Super Junior has now released footage of a mystery producer talking about a new song he’s written for the group. The intriguing new teaser, which begins by asking “Who’s that?” as the producer enters the recording studio and asks to hear the demo, also contains a few hints about his identity.

    The producer, whose face is blurred out in the video, says at one point, “I kind of wrote the lyrics for the bridge in SM’s style,” hinting that he may not be affiliated with SM Entertainment. He also refers to Super Junior as “hyungs,” revealing that he’s younger than the group’s members.

    After warmly greeting several members of Super Junior in the studio, he tells them, “Please speak to me comfortably [in informal speech].” He then asks, “Should we start recording?”

    Finally, the video ends with the producer seemingly pleased with the Super Junior members’ recording session as he happily declares, “Super Junior! So cool. Daebak, daebak.”

    Source: Soompi


    Super Junior won their 20th Golden Disk Award! They won Disk Bonsang (Best Album) at the 34th Golden Disk Awards show on Jan 5th 2020. Super Junior makes history as the most awarded group by Ips Golden Disk Awards. © 

    “Longevity group Super Junior, who has been in their 16th year since debut, shows off their potential as a group who pioneered the Hallyu Wave.“ ©

    ‘TIME_SLIP’ is the group’s 9th Korean studio album (11th overall) and the official comeback album after the return of the last member’s military service. 


    Super Junior was banned from GDA for winning too many awards. However, they have once again received an award from GDA. This award also marks their 20th win at the show. They are still the most awarded group in GDA. ©

    Super Junior did not attend the GDA ceremony and made their acceptance speech through VCR while they were on a schedule out of the country. 


    Hangeng got married in New Zealand on December 31st 2019! 

    Hangeng had asked Heechul to be his best man. Unfortunately, Heechul said he could not because his health did not allow him to travel by plane for a long time and he had a schedule already booked that day. 

    I would have loved to see him there but the fact that Hangeng still feels so close to him and wanted him to be his best man is meaningful enough.

    Congratulation on your wedding, Hangeng and Celina! 



    It has now been confirmed that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and TWICE’s Momo are in a relationship.

    The news outlet Market News published a report at midnight KST on January 2 stating that according to their investigation, they were exclusively reporting that Momo and Heechul are dating.

    Market News is the outlet that reported in August that Momo and Heechul were in a relationship, and in the January 2 report they mentioned that SJ Label and JYP Entertainment had denied that they are dating at the time.


    The outlet wrote, “The two of them are currently developing a beautiful love for each other despite their busy schedules. It’s been said that in the rough entertainment industry where many incidents occur, they are a great source of support for each other. Their relationship began as ‘close seniors and juniors’ but they are now a couple.” The report states that they came to know each other after appearing on a program together in 2017.

    On January 2, Heechul’s agency Label SJ and Momo’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed with outlet EDaily that after having a senior-junior relationship, they recently began dating. 


    Source: Soompi

    Congratulations to the sweetest couple! Wishing you happiness together. 


    Super Junior’s 9th Album (cont): 

    • Debuted at #1 on the Gaon Monthly Chart
    • Exceeded 400K Album Sales
    • Album Chart – #1 
    • Retail Chart – #1 
    • Download Chart – #2 
    • Social Chart – #3
    • First Gaon Certification 
    • Gaon Platinum Album Certification 
    • Top 10 Best Selling Albums in November 2019 
    • 3rd SM Artist with Highest Album Sales on Gaon 2019
    • Top 10 Best-Seller Boy Groups in 2019
      • the only 2nd gen group to be one of the best selling of 2019
    • 2nd Best-Seller SM Album (Group)
    • 4th November Boy Group Brand Reputation Ranking

    source: sj_charts


    SJ Official: Congratulations Kim Heechul for winning Excellence Award in Reality Show Category at the 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards!! 

    Heechul’s Acceptance Speech:
    Active in My Ugly Duckling and Tasty Square, I’m Space Big Star, Kim Heechul. First, I’d like to thank my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my nephews Taein and Taehyuk. Thank the production team of My Ugly Duckling who makes my mum happy… Thank Dongyup hiong, Janghoon hiong, team of Tasty Square, Jongwon, Sehyung, Dongjun, Kim’s, Heejin nuna…and HoDong hyung who I really respect, and I’ll continue to follow you and learn from you. At last, I wanna thank Lee Sooman seon saeng nim who allowed me, a person with only a beautiful face, to debut. I really love you. And I wanna thank my petals and elfs who always support me. I’ll work hard for farmers and fish men in the Tasty Square and My Ugly Duckling in the future. Thank you all. ©



    kimheenim: [TRANS] Even though there have been a lot of difficulties lately… thank you so much (for supporting me). Not only for me (but) I hope that this world will be a happier place for everyone. Teacher Lee Soo Man who, when I was unknown, made me shine as the entertainer Kim Heechul ❤ The ones who support me and look after me, petals, ELF 💙Later when I’ll get married or when I’ll stop being a celebrity or do whatever else… I’ll live my life with a thankful heart and return all the kindness I have received 🤗🤩© 

    Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shared his wish for 2020!

    On December 26, the idol shared the following message on his Instagram:

    The end of 2019 is just around the corner. Are you all doing well to prepare for the end of the year? Next year, I hope you will achieve what you couldn’t this year. I will also prepare well for the upcoming 2020 year and stand in front of you. And in 2020, I really hope that all artists will be able to sing, dance, and achieve the dreams they worked so hard to prepare in a well-equipped environment without getting hurt.

    The Seoul Story: Super Junior Eunhyuk updated his Instagram in which he greeted fans for the upcoming new year and also left a message where he wishes artists are able to sing, dance and perspire without getting hurt (perform in a safe environment). ©

    Red Velvet’s Wendy was reportedly seriously injured from an accident and was hospitalized after falling off the SBS stage during rehearsal. ©

    Source: Soompi