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[heechul and yesung, standing in front of a mirror]

heechul: you know what I see? I see a strong, confident, beautiful young man

yesung: *smiles*

heechul: oh look, you’re here too


leeteuk, in the group chat at 3 am: you know sometimes it hurts when you guys don’t reply to me immediately

donghae: hi hyung

leeteuk: why are you up?? You never listen to me I told you EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP and you’re here on your phone at 3 am like we have no schedule tomorrow god donghae health is important


hyukjae: do you have a bf

donghae: it’s been a dream of mine to have a big farm, yes


donghae: what does the chef recommend?

cashier: sir, this is McDonald’s.

donghae: oh my god I’m so sorry.

donghae: what does the McChef recommend?


[ryeowook walks in, dressed up]

heechul: looking good, Kim.

ryeowook: oh, thanks hyung, but we’ve known each other for years, why are you calling me by my last name?

heechul: I was talking to myself.


heechul: I failed my safety course today.

sungmin: what? Why? What happened?

heechul: well, one of the questions was “in the case of a fire, what steps would you take?”

sungmin: and?

heechul: well apparently “FUCKING LARGE ONES” isn’t an acceptable answer.


hyukjae: you have beautiful eyes.

donghae: thanks, I need them to see.

heechul: *walks into an art museum*heechul: I am here to donate myself.

heechul: *walks into an art museum*

heechul: I am here to donate myself.

*in the group chat*leeteuk: do you know what the man who created knock-knock jokes deserves?leeteuk:…

*in the group chat*

leeteuk: do you know what the man who created knock-knock jokes deserves?

leeteuk: a “no-bell” prize

[Heechul and 13 others have left the chatroom]