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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Ryeowook Delays Release …

Fans of Super Junior’s Ryewook will have to wait a little longer for his new solo album.

On December 10, Label SJ released an official statement announcing the delay and stated the decision was necessary due to health concerns. Their statement read, “Hello, this is Label SJ. This statement is to notify you that the release of Ryeowook’s second mini album “Drunk on love,” which was scheduled for 6 p.m. KST on December 11, as well as the upcoming showcase tied to the album, have been delayed.”

“Ryeowook flew to Bangkok, Thailand on December 7 to attend the MAYA International Music Festival 2018. When he flew back to Korea in the early hours of December 10, he immediately visited a hospital due to a high fever. He has been diagnosed with Influenza A, which is contagious, and doctors have advised that he be quarantined and get plenty of rest.”

“Therefore, Label SJ has made the decision to delay the release of Ryeowook’s new mini album to January 2, and we will return soon with a notice for his showcase as well. We have made this decision in order to protect our artist’s health and to prevent any situations that may occur at the showcase due to the contagious nature of the flu virus.

“We know that fans have been eagerly waiting for Ryeowook’s solo comeback, and we ask for your understanding.”

We hope Ryeowook has a full recovery soon!

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Ryeowook / Drunk on Love

[INFO] SUPER JUNIOR Ryeowook’s 2nd mini-…

[INFO] SUPER JUNIOR Ryeowook’s 2nd mini-album ‘Drunk on Love’ will be officially released on December 11th 2018. ©

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RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘너에게 취해 (Drunk on love)’ MV Teaser

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[FANCAMS] 181124 K-Con in Macau Super Junior D&E – Bout You

Yesung – Paper Umbrella (Solo)

Ryeowook – The Little Prince (Solo)

One More Time | Sorry Sorry | Mr. Simple | Bonamana 

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[FANCAMS] 181124 K-Con in Macau Super Junior – One More Time 

Sorry Sorry 

Mr. Simple


Yesung – Umbrella (Solo) | Ryeowook – The Little Prince (Solo) | D&E – Bout You

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[STATION] SUNGMIN 성민 ‘낮 꿈 (Day Dream)’ MV

hyukwoon: Falling Blossoms – Heechul x Kyungho…


Falling Blossoms – Heechul x Kyunghoon

My little brother Kyunghoon, 
Hyung is always sorry,
I’ll be smart faster/quickly.

hyukwoon:SMTOWNGLOBAL: [#STATION] #SuperJunior…


SMTOWNGLOBAL: [#STATION] #SuperJunior #SUNGMIN ‘#낮꿈 (#DayDream)’
🗓2018.03.02 6PM KST

hyukwoon: [STATION] Sungmin / Day Dream



Sungmin / Day Dream