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mysilentmemory: Super Junior’s Yesung Preparin…


Super Junior’s Yesung Preparing To Make Solo Comeback

Super Junior’s Yesung will be making a solo comeback soon!

A source from his agency SJ Label revealed, “Yesung is planning for a comeback in March, but the specific schedule is still under discussion.”

This new album will be Yesung’s first solo album in two years since “Spring Falling” in 2017. During the two years, he has been busy promoting with Super Junior and collaborating with other artists. Currently, he is busily preparing for Super Junior’s encore concert “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 7S.”

Prior to his comeback, Yesung will release his Japanese album “STORY” on February 20 and go on a Japanese concert tour around Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

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SUPER JUNIOR-YESUNG ‘Because I Love You ~大切な絆~’ MV

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[NEWS] Ryeowook’s emotional ballad is #1 in 14…


Super Junior RyeoWook’s emotional ballads in 14 countries has captured global music fans. “Drunk on Love”, the second mini-album released on January 2 was on the iTunes Comprehensive Album Chart in Mexico, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Argentina, Peru, Malta, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore , Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. 


In addition, Ryeowook ran a showcase for a comeback at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Ryeowook said in the showcase, “I realized that what I thought was natural was not natural. During the two years that I have been in the army, I once again felt the love you gave me, the gratitude for the members, the gratitude for all those who helped me, and it became the driving force for my hard work. I will return with better music in the future. " 

The new song “I’m Not Over You” with Ryeowook’s sad voice can be seen on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ on 4th. 

You can listen and download it on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music: 


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RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘너에게 (I’m not over you…

RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘너에게 (I’m not over you)’ MV

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[INFO] RYEOWOOK’s solo “I’m Not Over You” was …

[INFO] RYEOWOOK’s solo “I’m Not Over You” was trending worldwide on Twitter when the album and MV dropped online Jan 1st! ©

hyukwoon: RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘너에게 (I’m not over you)…


RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘너에게 (I’m not over you)’ MV

hyukwoon: 예성 (YESUNG) X 청하 ‘Whatcha Doin’ (지금…


예성 (YESUNG) X 청하 ‘Whatcha Doin’ (지금 어디야?)’ MV

YESUNG X CHUNG HA ‘Whatcha Doin’ (…

YESUNG X CHUNG HA ‘Whatcha Doin’ (지금 어디야?)’ MV Teaser | Dec 17th




Yesung x Chungha 예성X청하

‘Whatcha Doin (지금 어디야?)’

💘2018.12.17 12PM KST