Category: sungmin

donghae: what’s the scariest thing you can think of
ryeowook: clowns
sungmin: spiders
shindong: being a disappointment
hyukjae: yesung when he’s mad at me

ryeowook: don’t make sungmin mad!
hyukjae: okay but what’s he gonna do? hug me?

Leeteuk: *screams*

Sungmin: oh no what’s wrong??!

Leeteuk: I dunno I just felt like screaming

[someone insults sungmin]

ryeowook: *laughs*


Super Junior at airport on their way to Jeddah, SA. This was them at the time Kangin posted on instagram that he has decided to leave Super Junior (but still remains under their label and company). 

hyukjae: if you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, would you still be sober?

sungmin: yes

yesung: maybe a bit tipsy

kyuhyun: wasted

heechul: dead

sungmin: I drink to forget my sorrows

heechul: you’re drinking Capri Sun

leeteuk: it’s hard being the leader, but I love my members—

sungmin, coming into the room: do you want the good news or the bad news first?

leeteuk: … good news

sungmin: hyukjae wanted to make us dinner! Isn’t that sweet?


sungmin: … the kitchen may or may not be on fire.

leeteuk: [inhales]

ryeowook: I feel sad.
sungmin: I have emotional jumper cables! I’ll boost you. Just attach like so…
ryeowook: this is just a hug.
sungmin: is it working?
ryeowook: yeah

sungmin, laying in bed: hyung, can we go to a haunted house this halloween?
heechul: what’s wrong with the haunted house we live in?
sungmin, terrified: what?????
heechul, closing the door as he leaves the room: goodnight sungmin