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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shared his wish for 2020!

On December 26, the idol shared the following message on his Instagram:

The end of 2019 is just around the corner. Are you all doing well to prepare for the end of the year? Next year, I hope you will achieve what you couldn’t this year. I will also prepare well for the upcoming 2020 year and stand in front of you. And in 2020, I really hope that all artists will be able to sing, dance, and achieve the dreams they worked so hard to prepare in a well-equipped environment without getting hurt.

The Seoul Story: Super Junior Eunhyuk updated his Instagram in which he greeted fans for the upcoming new year and also left a message where he wishes artists are able to sing, dance and perspire without getting hurt (perform in a safe environment). ©

Red Velvet’s Wendy was reportedly seriously injured from an accident and was hospitalized after falling off the SBS stage during rehearsal. ©

Source: Soompi 


191213 Yesung Twitter Update


191226yesung twitter update:@shfly3424:KRY 🎅🏻

leedonghae: Hey they said it’s our 8th anniversary. Let’s keep maintaining this relationship, extend our contract or something ~ I love you © 

AllRiseSilver: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary. 

eunhyukee44: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary. 

haohaohyuk: SUPERJUNIOR-D&E 8th Anniversary. 


191128 SJofficial Twitter Update – Super Junior is releasing a special ‘Selfie Book’ with all the text and photography written and taken by our boys! 💙



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This is his era. PERIOTTTD

190811 SJofficial Update